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Songs for your wedding ceremony

Choosing songs for a wedding ceremony can be a difficult process sometimes especially if the bride and groom have differing opinions with regard to their preferred songs. The Canapé Cruisers specialise in playing mostly humanist, civil and spiritual ceremonies and the three most important points in these wedding ceremonies where music is required are the bridal entrance, the signing of the register and the closing exit music. The Bridal entrance music needs to be something personal to the couple and we will often learn this song if we haven't played it previously. The next part of the ceremony to have music for is the signing of the register. This can sometimes take several minutes so 1-2 songs are needed at this point. Generally something soft and relaxing such as "To make you feel my love" by Bob Dylan or "How long will I love you" by Ellie Goulding are good choices at this point. The exit music is where the guests all celebrate the marriage of the bride and groom so naturally this has to be uplifting, pacy and full of joy. It essentially creates a great atmosphere for the rest of the day for all the guests. Examples of songs that we have used at this point are " Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles, "Friday In Love" by the Cure and we have even played Free Falling by Tom Petty. There can be other points in the ceremony where music can be used but this can be largely left up to the disgression of the couple and the celebrant.

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